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CharityBox HQ

The ultimate tool kit for nonprofit growth.

CharityBox HQ is our flagship offering that provides nonprofits with access to the entire suite of templates and tools found in the CharityBox Store.  


With over 125 products, our experts have valued CharityBox HQ at over $5000. We sell the collection for a flat fee of $1500

Don't believe us? Check out our reviews!

This is a multi-colored divider line with the same colors as the CharityBox logos.
The words CHARITY BOX are surrounded by a multiple color box. There are topics that shoot out from the box and correspond to the same color. The topics are Grant Writing, Strategic Planning, Finance, Fundraising, Branding, Hiring & Employee Management, Board of Directors, Legal, Volunteers, and Marketing.

VIP+ Members

VIP+ members receive all of the CharityBox HQ templates and tools over the course of their one year VIP+ membership program.


If you are a VIP+ member and would like to purchase CharityBox HQ so that you have access to everything NOW, please contact us for a 50% off code. 


"These tools have given me newfound confidence in leading our board. Navigating discussions, strategic planning, and managing expectations."


- President of the Board of Directors -

"I was amazed by the instant impact of CharityBox HQ's templates on our nonprofit. They seamlessly integrated into our day-to-day operations, optimizing everything from fundraising to administration. A true game-changer!"

- Nonprofit Founder -

"CharityBox pulled us out of a slump. It's not just about efficiency – it's about the tens of thousands we saved by utilizing these templates. Exceeded our expectations. "

- Executive Director -

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