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This quarter we are focusing in on Strategic Planning, Nonprofit Finance, and Donors / Donations. 

Strategic Planning 

If last month’s complete strategic plan felt a little too overwhelming OR you found yourself wanting to be more specific in certain areas, consider creating additional nonprofit plans (i.e., Marketing, Social Media, Finance). 

Nonprofit Finance

At CharityBox, we know that nonprofit finance can cause a lot of frustration. That’s why we created these helpful tools to help with budgeting, cash flow management, and nonprofit finance!

Donors / Donations

This month let’s learn about asking for donations and unique ways to engage donors. 

Making the Ask

Sometimes, making “the ask” is the hardest part. Don’t worry, CharityBox has your back.

Tracking Donors

When you start attracting donors, you’ll need to track them! There are a million nonprofit CRMs out there. If you’re brand new or hate the system you’re currently using, check out our CharityBox Donor Tracking Spreadsheet! 

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