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This quarter we are focusing in on Strategic Planning, Nonprofit Finance, and Donors / Donations. 

Strategic Planning 

At CharityBox, we like to remind everyone that successful nonprofits function like businesses. This means that planning should be a top priority – especially in your early stages! Check out the resources below to learn more. 
Use this space to share about how you started and share your nonprofit journey. Explain your core values, your commitment to your mission and how you stand out from the crowd. 

Business Planning

Brand new and feeling overwhelmed? Let’s start smaller and work on a simpler business plan for your new nonprofit. 

Nonprofit Finance

While successful nonprofits should function like a business, nonprofit finances are a beast of their own! Take this time to familiarize yourself with nonprofit finance and set your nonprofit up for success.

Donors / Donations

Let’s talk about getting donations and engaging with donors! Finding, engaging and retaining donors can be one of the most important tasks of a nonprofit professional. Learning the best way to engage and follow-up will prepare you for sustainable growth. 

Donation Receipts

Did you know that nonprofits are required to issue donation receipts to any individual donating more than $250 per calendar year? We’ve shared an easy to use template here. Fill it out and send it back to us for review!

Already have a donation receipt template that you use? Great! Check yours against ours to make sure it’s up to date with IRS requirements! 

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