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This quarter we are focusing in on Board of Directors, Policies and Procedures, and Branding.

Board of Directors

Now that you’ve onboarded your newly recruited directors, it’s time to start planning for your annual board training. Board training comes in all shapes and sizes. We’ve seen trainings held via Zoom, in-person events with team building activities, and weekend long retreats. No matter the size and resources of your nonprofit, training your Board of Directors is KEY! 

Board Training

There are a handful of resources we believe every nonprofit board training should include, so we’ve created documents you can simply copy and paste! 


Other helpful information to include if you have it!

  • Mission, Vision, Values

  • Strategic Plan

  • Other Plans (Social Media, Marketing, Fundraising, Finance, etc.) 

  • Social Media Links

  • Website Link 

  • Copies of current grants 

  • Last Year’s Annual Report 

  • Annual Financial Statement 

Policies and Procedures

In our opinion, the most important set of policies and procedures in the nonprofit sector are FINANCIAL policies and procedures. Why the most important? Because a nonprofit’s role is to finance support of their charitable cause. If money is misused, you’re defeating the purpose. We’re sharing sample nonprofit policies and procedures to help! Make sure these are adjusted to fit your specific needs and reviewed/ approved by your Board of Directors. 


We love seeing your new logos all over our socials!!! If we aren’t friends or following each other, shoot us a request here! Now we want to see your brands in print (out in the real world). Stay tuned for upcoming CharityBox VIP+ member deals on customized merch! 

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