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This quarter we are focusing in on Fundraising, Volunteers, and End of Year.


Did you know that nonprofits with 501(c)3 status are eligible for $10,000 a month in Google Ads for FREE?! This is not a drill. 

Fundraising Event

Planning a fundraising event this season? Use these resources to help guide your success!


Now that you have new volunteers, it’s time to train ‘em and put ‘em to work. 

End of Year

Do you have staff? Now is a good time to review them. We will talk about Executive Director reviews more specifically next month. 

Press Release

Looking for a way to brag about your nonprofit’s new grant award, new hire, successful fundraising event, etc.? Reach out to the media (think local newspapers and online news sources) and ask for a press release! This is also a great and unique way to get your nonprofit’s name out there amidst fundraising season.

Independent Contractors

Thinking about hiring a handful of independent contractors next year? We love this idea for nonprofit capacity building. Make sure you know the differences between employees, and independent contractors, and have a good independent contractor agreement in place. 

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