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This quarter we are focusing in on Fundraising, Volunteers, and End of Year.


Nonprofit websites engage consumers, clients, donors, potential donors, board members, and even future staff. Don’t have one? Contact us about our $1 website deal exclusively for CharityBox VIP members. 


If you do have one, what does your SEO look like? Non-existent? Confused? Let’s learn about it and how it can change the game for your nonprofit’s online presence! 


Volunteers make the nonprofit world go round. No matter what type of services you provide, volunteers can be key to capacity creation and growth. 

End of Year

If you have a good Board of Directors, they will want to evaluate their work. If you have a bad Board of Directors (don’t worry, you’re not alone), an evaluation can help kick things into gear. Send an evaluation a few months before the end of the year to ensure everyone has enough time to complete it (and encourage your Board members to consider making a donation – it’s fundraising season, after all). 

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