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Important Information to Collect from Donors

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To maintain good donor retention, it is important to collect the following information about nonprofit donors:

Contact Information: Collecting accurate and up-to-date contact information such as name, mailing address, phone number, and email address is essential for staying in touch with donors and keeping them informed about your organization's work.

Donation History: Keep track of the donor's giving history, including the dates of their previous donations, the amount donated, and the specific campaigns or programs they donated to.


Many in your database are affiliated with business, another nonprofit organization, or were introduced to your nonprofit by a specific person. Adding how they are connected to your work can be crucial to understanding why they are in your database and building customized communications accordingly.

Communication Preferences: Understanding how donors prefer to be communicated with (e.g. email, phone, mail, etc.) can help you tailor your outreach and engagement strategies to their preferences, increasing the likelihood that they will stay engaged with your organization.

Interests and Demographics: Collecting information on donors' interests and demographics can help you understand who your donors are and what motivates them to give. This information can also help you tailor your messaging and outreach to better connect with your donors.

Engagement History: Keeping track of a donor's engagement with your organization, including event attendance, volunteer work, and other forms of involvement, can help you identify your most engaged donors and target them for specific outreach efforts.

By collecting this information, you can build more meaningful relationships with donors, tailor your outreach and engagement strategies to their preferences, and ultimately increase your donor retention rates.

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