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Mastering "The Ask" in Fundraising: A Transformative Skill for Nonprofit Professionals

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As nonprofit professionals, we recognize that fundraising is the lifeblood of our organizations, fueling our missions and driving positive impact in the communities we serve. Among the many critical fundraising skills, "The Ask" stands out as a transformative art that directly impacts the success of our fundraising efforts. Making "The Ask" involves seeking financial support from donors, sponsors, and partners to further our cause. In this article, CharityBox will explore why "The Ask" is important, why it can be challenging for some people, and how practice not only overcomes the fear of asking but also improves the efficacy of the request.

The Significance of "The Ask" in Fundraising:

"The Ask" is the pivotal moment when we formally invite potential donors to invest in our mission. It is a direct and powerful request for financial support. Making a compelling and well-timed ask can lead to transformative contributions that fuel our organization's growth and impact. Mastering "The Ask" is essential for several reasons:

Unlocking Resources: "The Ask" is the gateway to unlocking financial resources that are critical to implementing our programs, expanding our reach, and achieving our mission.

Building Relationships: Through "The Ask," we engage donors in meaningful conversations, forging connections that can lead to long-term partnerships and ongoing support.

Empowering Supporters: Donors often seek opportunities to make a tangible difference in causes they care about. "The Ask" empowers them to be agents of change and contribute to a cause they believe in.

Creating Impact: Successful asks result in the funds needed to implement projects and initiatives that create a positive and lasting impact on the lives of beneficiaries.

Challenges in Making "The Ask":

Despite the importance of "The Ask," many nonprofit professionals find it challenging, even terrifying. Some common reasons for this hesitancy include:

Cultural Norms: Most Western cultures find it pretty inappropriate to talk about and ask for money. It can be considered very rude or construed as begging. Fear of Rejection: The fear of being turned down can be intimidating, making some fundraisers hesitant to make the request.

Feeling Like a Burden: Fundraisers may worry about appearing too assertive or burdensome to potential donors.

Lack of Confidence: Some professionals may doubt their ability to effectively articulate the organization's case for support.

Perceived Lack of Relevance: Fundraisers might believe that potential donors are not interested in their cause, leading them to hesitate to make the ask.

Practicing "The Ask": Turning Fear into Confidence:

Fortunately, like any skill, making "The Ask" can be improved and mastered with practice. Here's how practicing "The Ask" can transform the fundraising process:

Role-Playing and Scripting: Practice "The Ask" with colleagues or mentors through role-playing scenarios. Script out the key points you want to convey, making sure to tailor your pitch to the specific donor.

Mock Fundraising Scenarios: Organize mock fundraising scenarios within the team, simulating real interactions with potential donors. This exercise allows fundraisers to gain confidence and receive constructive feedback.

Learn from Experience: Analyze past asks and identify areas for improvement. Reflect on successful and unsuccessful requests, learning from both outcomes.

Know Your Audience: Understand the motivations and interests of potential donors. Tailor your ask to resonate with their values and interests, making it more compelling.

Reframe Rejection: Rejections are an inherent part of fundraising. Instead of viewing them negatively, see them as opportunities for learning and refining your approach.

Are you Ready to Make “The Ask”?

Ask yourself the following questions prior to scheduling a solicitation meeting with your current or potential major donor. If all answers are positive, then you are ready to make your ask!

Donor Interest: Are you sure of the donor’s commitment in your mission? Review past involvement with your nonprofit and research the donor’s giving to other similar organizations.

Right Time: Have you properly cultivated the donor to ensure the best chance of success? The first interaction with a donor is never the best time to make an ask. Cultivate the relationship and consider when is the best time to make your ask. Right Amount: Are you asking for the right amount? For large requests, it is best to use a specific number. Background research is critical to deciding what number to use. Right Person Asking: Who should make the ask? Usually, major donation requests are done by the highest member of staff. However, consider whether the major donor has a better relationship with someone else on the team. Furthermore, research has shown that volunteers can be ten times as effective as the CEO! Train a board person to help your CEO or fundraising team to make asks, usually attending solicitation meetings together.


Making "The Ask" is a transformative skill for nonprofit professionals, instrumental in securing the financial support necessary to drive our missions forward. While it can be challenging, practice and preparation can turn hesitation into confidence. By viewing "The Ask" as an opportunity to empower donors and build meaningful relationships, fundraisers can overcome fears and embrace the art of inviting support. Remember that every ask, successful or not, is an opportunity to learn, grow, and refine your approach. As you continue to practice "The Ask," you will find yourself becoming a more adept fundraiser, driving greater impact, and advancing your organization's mission with unwavering determination and purpose.

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