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This box includes all templates under this category for one flat fee price of $150.


Toold Included:


  • Recruiting BOD Email Campaign 

  • Recruiting BOD Letter Campaign 

  • Recruiting BOD Social Media Campaign 

  • Board Recruitment (Template & Example) 

  • Board Recruiting Questionnaire 

  • Board Recruiting Interview Questions 



  • New Board Member Welcome Email 

  • New Board Member Welcome Letter 

  • New Board Member Orientation Outline / Template 

  • Onboarding BOD Social Media Campaign 



  • BOD Training Manual Template 

  • BOD Role Description - President 

  • BOD Role Description - Vice President 

  • BOD Role Description - Secretary 

  • BOD Role Description - Treasurer 

  • BOD Role Description - Member at Large 

  • BOD Role Description - Executive Director 

  • BOD Executive Committee Description 

  • BOD Finance Committee Description 



  • Board Matrix 

  • Board Calendar 

  • Board Meeting Agenda 

  • Board Member Reimbursement Policy 

  • Conflict of Interest Policy, Procedure, and Disclosure Form 

  • Executive Committee Board Reporting Template 

  • Finance Committee Board Reporting Template  

  • Executive Director Monthly Board Report Template 

  • Resolution of the Board of Directors: Executive Director Contracting 



  • Board of Directors Self-Assessment Tool 

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