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This box includes all templates under this category for one flat fee price of $150.


Tools Included:

Nonprofit Fundraising

  • Donation Receipt 

  • Worksheet: “Make the Ask” 


Fundraising Events

  • Fundraising Event Invitation Template 

  • Fundraising Event Emails 

  • Fundraising Event Social Media Posts 

  • Checklist: Fundraising - Event Planning 

  • Checklist: Fundraising - Event Day 

  • Checklist: Fundraising - Post Event 



  • Donation Request Emails 

  • Social Media Donation Posts 

  • Donor Tracking Spreadsheet 


Donor Retention

  • Thank You! Donor Social Media Posts 

  • Thank You! Donor Emails 

  • Thank You! Donor Letters 


Sponsorship Packages

  • Social Media Sponsorship Packages Posts 

  • Emails Seeking Sponsorships 

  • Sponsorship Letter Campaign 

  • Sponsorship Proposal Template 


Capital Campaigns

  • Capital Campaign Plan (Template & Example) 


Fee for Service

  • Worksheet: Fee for Service Brainstorming 

Fundraising Box

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