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This quarter we are focusing in on Fundraising, Grants, and Hiring.


In the nonprofit world, every season is fundraising season, but the end of the calendar year yields the most donations. That’s why we start planning for the Q4 fundraising push now! 


At CharityBox, we have a love/hate relationship with grants. If you are new to the nonprofit space, you’re going to hear a lot about grants. Start here. 

Finding Grants

If you’ve been at this for a while, you’ve likely hit what we call the “grant gloomies” where you can’t seem to land any new grants. It’s okay - this happens to everyone. Check out these resources for guidance. 


July is a great time to evaluate your nonprofit’s capacity. Did you just laugh out loud because you know all nonprofits have limited capacity? We get it. Whether you're a brand new nonprofit looking to hire an Executive Director or you already have a full staff – the hiring information we share here this quarter will help level up your team. 


When nonprofits start hiring employees, a new set of laws and liabilities pop up. Here are some resources in the event your nonprofit is sued or needs to hire a lawyer. P.S. We hope this never happens. 

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