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This quarter we are focusing in on Strategic Planning, Nonprofit Finance, and Donors / Donations. 

Strategic Planning 

If you enjoyed creating smaller or more detailed plans for your nonprofit, be sure to check out these resources. A strong fundraising plan can set your nonprofit up for success. Friendly reminder that in the nonprofit world, every season is fundraising season with an emphasis on Q4 (October, November, December). 

Nonprofit Finance

If your nonprofit is running based on the calendar year (January - December) your nonprofit taxes need to be filed in April (that’s next month). If you’re panicking, feel free to contact us about filing an extension. 

Donors / Donations

We will talk about donors again during Q4 (fundraising seasons) but we want to make sure that Q4 isn’t the only time you’re engaging with your donors. Let’s take some time to learn about the donor cycle and how you can thank donors in ways that make donations grow! 

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